Pinterest – visual bookmarking

Image from woo jr

Pinterest is another content curating tool similar to!, but it is more visual. It provides a place where the user can visually bookmark, or pin web content pictures to a pinboard.  You can then attach notes to items you pin.  You can create as many pinboards as you want to and can categorize your pinboards into subjects of your choosing for easy reference.  Pinterest is also a social networking site.  You can follow other people on the site that you know or don’t know, people whose pins you like, your friends, etc.  You can scroll through pinboards by subject to look for visual content that you like from pinboards that other people have pinned.  If you see a picture you like from another pinboard you can pin it and add it to one of your own pinboards. (adaptivelearnin)

Pinterest can be used for social or education purposes. Teachers or students can gather resources on various topics. As a visual tool it could be very useful for the Arts subjects.


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