Teaching Ideas with Comic Life

We’ve recently installed Comic Life in the ICT suites, Art, MFL and the Junior School. It’s such a fun presentation application and boys are enjoying the very easy and creative aspects of the programme. For anyone who wants some ideas of how to use Comic Life in different subjects – I’ve included several example images below and further on, some links to webpages. The last two images show work started by our Year 7 students on their Olympic Games and Photoshop project.

Consider these classroom uses:

  • Timelines (history, events, sequences)
  • Historical figures (history of, life of)
  • Instructions (step by step, details, illustrations, easy to follow)
  • Dialogue punctuation
  • Character analysis
  • Plot analysis
  • Storytelling
  • Pre-Writing Tool
  • Post-Reading Tool
  • Teaching Onomatopoeias  (ideas from http://www.macinstruct.com)

If you’re a languages teacher, you might consider some of the ideas from the TESOL website, or as a history teacher, an excellent blog post using Comic Life to illustrate changing life in Germany between 1933 and 1939, by teacher Nick Dennis.

To see some great posters by Junior School students, take a look at the Eco Ninjas posters and the full poster of the smaller image in the gallery above by Sandaig Primary.

Finally, Tom Barrett, an extraordinary teacher with some excellent teaching ideas has developed a series of “Interesting Ways” (for classroom activities). He has created a resource for Comic Life in the Classroom which includes ideas for it’s use in PE.

Comic Life is very easy to use, but for those who want one, here is a user manual. We also have extra school  licences available if staff wish to have the application installed on their laptops.



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