Zoomit, MWSnap3, Faststone & MS Office 2010

There are some really good utilities and small applications available for staff to use with their laptops or computers. 

1.  ZOOMIT enables one to zoom into (enlarge) text or images displayed on the IWB. It is a free download. Click on the image to download the application. Instructions are simple.

Using ZoomIt

  • To start using it press Ctrl + 1.
  • To use pen – use mouse and the left button.
  • To draw a line – press Shift and use  left mouse button.
  • To draw a rectangle  – press Ctrl and left mouse  button.
  • To draw an arrow – press both Ctrl and Shift and  left mousebutton.

I would suggest saving it to your desktop to make it easy to access in lessons. For further instructions on use, read this blog post which has a video showing use.

2.  MWSnap3 is an excellent screen capture tool. It saves what you capture as an image. This replaces the need to do a screen shot, then open an image editing programme, then crop and save. Click on the image to be linked to the download.

Using MWSnap3  

  • Open up the MWSnap3 pragram.
  • Open up a browser or any programme from which you’d like to screen grab. (MW3Snap will minimise to the task tray.)
  • Click “Select any rect area” and then select the area which you’d like to”grab” for an image.
  • Wen you have it correct just double click or select “Enter” and the image will appear in the MW Snap3 programme.
  • You can add various arrows, cursorsand frames to the screen grabs. Do this by clicking on the options at the bottom of the MWSnap3 interface and then placing it on the screen grab and clicking it in place.
  • Click on save and assign the file a name.

3. Faststone has a group of tools which are useful if one doesn’t have a separate image editing application. They’re a set of free download utilities for screen capture, image viewing, image conversion and renaming. Users can also rename, resize, crop, rotate, change colour depth, add text and watermarks to images in a quick and easy batch mode.
As we’ve recently had Office 2010 installed on all school computers, you might wish to have a look at these links to help videos or useful reference files. Office 2010 menu (XP menu tools) to ribbon (2010 tools) reference books Office 2010 Training videos  (Click on the image to be taken to the site.)

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