Saving & Playing videos directly from Computer

Several people are able to source good video material from the internet. Even though our internet provision is good and we have little problem with streaming video during lessons, there might be times when direct media streaming from the internet is not seen as a complete solution. An alternative is to download a video, then run the file in a media player so that it doesn’t rely on an internet connection. If this appeals, you might consider installing the latest version of RealPlayer (free software) on your laptop.
RealPlayer has a search facility in the top right hand corner of the window and once you’ve found a video you wish to save, it provides a facility to ‘Download this video’.
Selecting the download option will transfer to another window which, when one hovers near the title of the clip, will allow options to, ‘Convert to’ or ‘Copy to’. Choose the ‘Convert to’ option. Another window appears which enables one to save the video file to any number of devices, including a computer. Choose this option.

You are able to browse to a preferred folder in order to save the file. It will normally save the video to the default ‘My Videos’.   

If the video you want to save does not present the download option in RealPlayer, you can use saveyoutube (which used to be kickyoutube) or If you only want a short clip from a long video, use to edit.  RealPlayer will play the saved files. Please note that I’m not suggesting that one takes no heed of copyright issues in using these tools.

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