Tagxedo and Wordle with picture background

Wordle has proved to be popular, so I hope you’ll find it helpful if I add more tools and ideas which could prove useful in presentations. A blog post with a Tagxedo “how to”.
Tagxedo is similar to Wordle, but it enables you to turn words into a visual tag cloud with a specific shape.With Wordle, you can also add an image background and text with just a little manipulation.

The second image is from a well respected educator, Tim Rylands. In this he used PowerPoint to:1.Insert a background image.2.Take a screen shot of the Wordle, then save it  as a jpeg and insert it – or simply copy it onto the slide.3. He set the background colour to the Wordle (not the background itself) to “Select Transparent Colour”, so that only the Wordle showed up on the background.4. He finally added more text by inserting a text box or Word Art.You can read about this on his blog.This process can also be done in Adobe Photoshop Elements.

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