Motivator, Delicious & Wordle

A very good poster creator is on a website called BigHugeLabs and is called Motivator. It allows you to create professional looking posters quickly and easily for class displays. I created a cyber bullying poster in minutes. Have a look at the other links on the site too.


Wordle before. Another simple yet effective tool, it creates an image of a word cloud. Instructions are on the site, but you simply copy some text and paste it into the Wordle frame. Wordle produces a word cloud as a result. Clicking on ‘randomize’ (US English) will change the shape and colours of the cloud.
  Delicious allows you to save website Favourites and Bookmarks to an online website. Saving links to Favourites only enables one to access these from the computer where you saved them. Bookmarks saved on a home computer won’t be accessible at school. Delicious allows you to access links you’ve saved from any computer. It enables easy ‘tagging’ so that you can find them under useful headings. If you’d like assistance or further explanation regarding this, please email me at anytime.  You can see my links at
Some ideas for use:
1) Place key words into the frame and encourage students to construct a poem or descriptive paragraph.
2) A similar idea is to use a tilde (~) between words to create phrases rather than individual words. e.g. rumbling~in~chimneys.
3) Select several paragraphs of text from a webpage and paste into the frame. Use these as key words to stimulate topic discussion.
4) Copy and paste in the text from a student’s word processed essay. Let the class guess/discuss what the focus of the essay is.  (Wordle enlarges words used the most.) With numbers 3 and 4, I’d encourage users to right click on the Wordle image and choose the option to ‘Remove common English words’ perhaps several times to hone the words down to only the most relevant.


Instructions on how to create a Wordle.

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